The Durrells Story with Corfu Tourist

Come and see more with us!

Since ITV2 took the decision to make the now renowned series "The Durrells" on   April 3, 2016 it has become a Sunday night must watch in the UK and further afield even in China!  

After the end of series 3 we all thought it was the end, But now they are going to back on Corfu to film a 4th Series.

The cast comprising of, Keeley Hawes playing the role of Mrs. Durrell, the children played by  Daisy Waterstone, Milo Parker,  Josh O'Connor,  Callum Woodhouse, and of course the taxi driver Alexis Georgoulis, as well as many other's will be visiting us very soon. 

After many years on the island  and lots of time we have managed to visit all of the places the Durrells  lived when here in 1935. Some you can no longer visit as they no longer exists or are privately owned, but many are accessible. So why not grab yourself some cheap airline tickets and discover them with us here at Corfu Tourist?