Terms and Conditions


Corfu Tourist Ltd will provide a platform known as a mobile application (APP) which will provide your business with a listing. 

Once payment has been received your business will be listed; ONLY after you have viewed your listing and emailed Corfu Tourist conformation that all the information is correct.

Due to the new GDPR regulations, it is YOUR companies responsibility that any information, pictures or other documentation have met these criteria's and Corfu Tourist Ltd accepts no liability for this on your listing, as you will have the right to change information directly on the Application.

Subscription Billing, Termination, and Cancellation

Corfu Tourist Ltd offers one-year subscriptions, which entitle the original purchaser access to the Corfu Tourist mobile Application for a period following and inclusive until the 31st October of the next summer season.

The purchaser agrees to pay all fees in effect when incurred. You will be billed for your subscription in advance at the time of purchase by paying with cash or using our payment service with Paypal and the subscription will renew once payment has been received by the 31st October of the following year. 

If you cancel your services, your cancellation takes effect on your next billing cycle. This means we won’t be able to refund you for early contract cancellation. 

All Corfu Tourist accounts are an obligation-free 12 month trial which will allow you to evaluate the service. 

You can cancel your yearly plan any time; however, cancellation of a yearly plan will not result in a refund.